DMK Body Enzyme Therapy

Revise & refresh

This enzyme treatment is specifically designed for the body. DMK Body Enzyme Therapy is formulated to encourage skin to function at its optimum and help improve contour. DMK Body Enzyme Therapy targets cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation, ingrown hairs, pigmentation, stretch marks and acne on the body.

Body Firming Program / Sculpt & Shape

DMK’s12 week body reshaping program is designed to and in the reduction of cellulite, encourage weight loss and sculpt the body.

Body Sculpting / Like it or Lump it

Improve the appearance of cellulite for a firmer body. Thé DMK Body Sculpting Wrap is a treatment designed to help reshape and sculpt your body contours. By creating a thermogènic effect it promotes circulation and helps eliminate waste material in your skin. It’s firming, tightening and toning effects leaves your body feeling smooth and sculpted.

Follicuzyme / A professional treatment to revise ingrown hairs.

DMK has developed a fast-acting in-clinic treatment time alleviate Ted bumps and ingrown hairs. Follicuzyme acts on any part of the body to dissolve the hair and accumulation of dead cell material, releasing the follicle while soothing redness and inflammation leaving the skin smooth and supple.

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