I have been receiving skin tightening, peels and Omnilux treatments for the past few months at MLAS in Berwick.  As a middle-aged woman, I was starting to notice (more) fine lines and slightly ‘sagging skin’ due to gravity and getting older, especially in the last couple of years.  Whilst my overall appearance wasn’t too bad for my age, I knew that I had to do something now, to slow down any further natural aging ‘signs’ that was beginning to become more obvious with each passing year. After a thorough professional consultation, a constructive plan was recommended for me. I now have almost completed my recommended treatment/s and can honestly say that I have noticed a marked improvement in my skin and it’s overall tone and appearance.

Apart from the results, I particularly loved the consistent, professional and friendly advice and service I have received at every visit.  The products recommended for my skin, were also lovely and great for my skin.  Of course consistent application of these products, coupled with the ongoing, regular treatments, all contributed to my having received such great results. (The special offers and multi-treatment packs are a great help).

Whilst the particular therapist that administered my treatments on each visit, is both professional and friendly, I have gotten to know the rest of the staff also, who have all demonstrated the same professional knowledge and friendly manner, and therefore it is reassuring to know that I, and anyone else, would undoubtedly receive the same level of service, no matter which staff member administers the treatments.  Having said that though, I do love my therapist!  She always made me feel special at every visit.

Anne. R – Hollywood Facial Package


I love the lactic peels and facials at Melbourne Laser, everytime I can  guarantee I will walk out with radiant, refreshed and hydrated skin! The service, care and superior knowledge of the staff at Melbourne Laser, especially Vicki, is fantastic and I’ve never found and never will, a better skin care salon!
Thanks again for the facial today…skin feels amazing!

Thank you to the girls at Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Services for helping me with my skin. For years I have been battling my acne and after a few treatments have never felt more comfortable. I now have the knowledge to look after my skin right (for once).

Since being recommended to visit Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Services, I have finally reduced the amount of facial hair and don’t need to worry about how I look. Special thanks to Lauren, for actually taking the time to listen to my concerns and finally getting the results I was after. Thank you again!

My visit to the clinic was excellent. The staff are always very personal and this helps by making my experience more comfortable.
Josephine F

As a health professional myself (dentist), I found MLAS very client orientated. You informed me very well and I felt that you had lots of time for my questions.
Rosemary D