Give yourself credit!
Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Services also provides flexible financing though Mediplan, which allows you to have the treatment now and pay later.

What is Mediplan?
Mediplan is a funding plan specifically designed for the payments of medical and aesthetic procedures including: Laser Procedures, Aesthetic Procedures and Plastic Surgery

How does Mediplan Work?
Once your membership application is processed you will be given an Approved Credit Limit. Mediplan will then advance (to your doctor or laser clinic) any amount you Direct them to pay (up to your limit). You can then select any repayment amount and repayment cycle (monthly, fortnightly, weekly by direct debit on your nominated bank account) provided that the repayment amount is equal to or greater than the required minimum monthly repayment amount.

For more information visit Mediplan at to see if this type of financing is right for you!